If you were around my house when my children were young you would have heard me say this phrase. Yep, that is right: Get Out of My House! The purpose of this statement was to have my boys, with or without friends over, to have unstructured play. In this day and age, our kids are hyper-scheduled AND I wholeheartedly object to this.

Here are 3 reasons why I want you to kick them out:

Boost Their Creativity and Imagination:

Unstructured play provides children with the freedom to explore, imagine, and create without rigid rules. This type of play sparks creativity and helps develop problem-solving skills. They will get the opportunity to invent their own situations, play them out, and create solutions.

Enhance Their Social Skills:

Did you know that through unstructured play, children learn essential social skills like communication, cooperation, and conflict resolution? It encourages them to interact with peers, negotiate roles, and navigate social dynamics in a relaxed, and enjoyable setting.

Promote Their Emotional Well-being:

Unstructured play is essential for emotional development. It allows children to express themselves freely, manage stress, and develop resilience. This type of play fosters a sense of joy, reduces anxiety, and contributes to overall emotional well-being.

The message of “Get Out of My House” is meant to be delivered in a playful manner. The intent and concept behind this statement can be used for children of all ages. Just know that it will mean different kinds of activities for the different ages and stages of your kids.

Another thing, please keep in mind that you DO NOT always have to be their playmate. Children need to learn these skills with or without a playmate. Finally, unstructured play in your home is also valuable play- I just took advantage of living in SoFLA 😉

So, turn off the TV, freeze the iPad, and kick them out.


Dr. Marnee