Happy Tuesday! Yep, it is Tuesday and I usually write on Monday.

So what happened: the Juggle. Sometimes life can become a breeding ground for stress, especially when attempting to juggle the demands of work, parenting, relationships, and self-care. We are supposed to fill our cups before pouring into others, right? The pressure to be everything to everyone often leaves individuals feeling stretched thin, as time becomes a scarce and a precious commodity.

Here are some common things that need to be juggled:

  • Work Demands
  • Parenting Pressures
  • Relationships & Family
  • Self-Care

As a single working mom who loves her work, enjoys her friends & family, and has a general zest for life, setting realistic expectations emerges as a key strategy for me to get it all done. Often choosing to not get things done as well. Open communication with those in your life, as well as with yourself, about personal limitations and priorities is essential. This strategy allows for a more balanced allocation of time and energy. Having an effective time management approach, learning to say no to additional commitments, and delegating tasks are crucial components of stress management.

Despite the perpetual feeling of there never being enough time, it’s imperative to remember the essence of life—creating meaningful moments with loved ones while living with purpose, intention, and attention. Embracing imperfections and focusing on shared experiences can alleviate stress and bring genuine joy to the season. In the midst of the hustle, prioritizing self-care becomes not just a luxury but a necessity for a more balanced and fulfilling holiday experience. So, I did not stress about this little blog/article thing. I chose to have a lovely dinner with my younger son, sing and laugh while we headed out to his high school hockey game, enjoy my friends, and get to bed as soon as I could (it was a 9 pm game and we did not get home until 11 pm). Here was my juggle- I am sure you understand. xo