Hi friends,

I had a fun conversation with a friend’s mom the other day. She is a fabulous grandmother of two high school students whom I also know through my synagogue. She said, “I thought you were an adolescent specialist!” She shared that she had learned about my volunteering with Family Time at B’nai Torah Congregation and Ahava Family (they both focus on families of younger children). I was delighted by the statement because the two groups (preschool and High School) are similar in many ways.

I couldn’t wait to share.

While parenting preschoolers and high school-aged children involve different challenges due to the developmental stages and needs of the children, some overarching themes can apply to both age groups.

Here are some themes that connect these two groups of parents:

  • Communication Skills
  • Academic Success
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Behavioral Issues & Choices
  • Technology & Media Usage
  • Independence and Responsibility
  • Parental Involvement (Over, Under, or Just Right)
  • Peer Relationships
  • Time Management & Executive Functioning
  • Establishing Familial & Personal Values

While the specific challenges may vary at different ages and stages, maintaining open communication, adapting parenting strategies, and staying informed about their experiences are essential approaches that can help address concerns across different age groups.

Happy Parenting!