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FREE RESOURCE: Planning for College

Embarking on the path to college can be both exhilarating and daunting for both students and parents alike. Our “Planning for College” course is designed specifically for parents, providing essential guidance and support to navigate this critical juncture in their child’s life.


Managing College Application Stress

Managing College Application Stress offers vital strategies for students to cope with the pressures of the college application process. From time management to self-care, this course equips students with essential tools to navigate this pivotal period with confidence.


Parents Stories

ParentsLLC Made College Transition a Success

My daughter got over her separation anxiety by going to sleep away camp, but COVID completely set her back.  I knew the adjustment to college would be tough but I was not prepared for just how hard it could be…I’m truly grateful for the support I received with the PLLC.  The expert guidance supported me in helping my daughter adjust well to her new environment and I was able to relax and sleep again!

– Emily Parker

Talk of the Hallway

The hallway was a buzz about YOU!!! One mom said she got texts last night asking who you are and how awesome you were after your presentation!!

– Jessica S.

Empowering Course Success

This mom just passed us in the hallway and told us how much she loved your course!  She said she had felt vulnerable and was able to be trusting and completely open and honest.

– Lisa Johnson

Huge Success!

Your webinar was a huge success!  We are getting so many requests to have you back!

–  David C.

From Struggle to Success: ParentsLLC's Impact

When my son first went to college, he was in shock about drug and alcohol use was going on at school.  He started coming back home from college on weekends and we could see he had shut down and was not happy.  The parents learning living community helped us navigate the issues very well. He ended up making a fantastic new friend group and is loving college!

– Sarah Adams

Grateful for High School Support

Thank you for all your support during high school.  My son struggles with mental health issues and school has always been a struggle.  I don’t know what we would’ve done without your help and are so happy that he will be starting college this fall!

– Samantha Rodriguez

You Are Amazing!

Let me just tell you…you are amazing!

– Alex Johnson

Sleep Magic Works Wonders!

You were so right! Adding more sleep was a complete game changer!  She wakes up in the idle of the night sometimes and jumps in the bed but nothing like those awful screams!  And it helps me with a mental break too!!!

– Sarah Thompson

Senior Year Rescue: ParentsLLC's Support

At the beginning of his senior year, my son’s grades dropped all of the sudden.  He was staying out late and seemed to be avoiding being with the family in general. The school staff expressed concerns about significant changes in his behavior as well.  The Parents Living Learning Community helped me understand the complicated emotional roller coaster of senior year and all of its development implications.  Now he is back on track and got into one of his top choice schools.  I can’t thank you enough for all the help!

– Jennifer Davis

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