Hello, my fellow fabulous parents! As we all know, children are like sponges, soaking up experiences and learning from the world around them. You know the saying: You live what you learn and you learn what you live. Well, the patterns that develop in childhood often become the foundation for the young adult years. Soooo, how can we, as parents, help set them up to have positive young adult patterns?

Think about these 8 active foundational principles:

Fostering a Safe and Loving Environment

Encouraging Independence and Responsibility

Promoting Open Communication

Teaching Problem-Solving Skills

Modeling Healthy Relationships:

Instilling Resilience

Supporting Their Passions and Interests

Setting Realistic Expectations

Remember, parenting is a journey of love, guidance, and support with some fun, excitement, and messiness mixed in there too. By actively and consciously creating a positive and nurturing environment, you can help your kids develop the patterns that will serve as strong foundations for their young adult years. Your influence and care are key in helping them become confident, resilient, and compassionate young adults who can take on the world with grace and strength. Parenting with this intention provides a bonus…you will love the compliments you will get on how fantastic your kids are. I totally do 🙂