I received a request to address this question in a recent email, so here goes.

Dear Dr. Marnee,

How do we know if our kids and teens are stressed beyond the typical levels?

Looking for Guidance.

Dear Looking for Guidance,

As parents, we so much want to see our kids, no matter their age, lead happy and healthy lives. However, there are many challenges of growing up in today’s fast-paced “Me-My-Now” world. Not to mention school work, social relationships, screens/social media, family stuff & the holidays…..These times can take a toll and add to the typical levels of stress. Identifying the signs of stress in kids and teens is the important first step on a journey to provide them with the support they need to navigate these challenges successfully.

Here are 10 things to keep an eye on:

  • Changes in Behavior
  • Physical Symptoms
  • Academic Challenges
  • Social Withdrawal
  • Changes in Sleep Patterns
  • Excessive Perfectionism
  • Communication Breakdown
  • Excessive Screen Time
  • Physical Health Changes
  • Trust Your Parent Intuition

So, in conclusion, us parents need to try and recognize stress early on in kids and teens. By fostering an open and supportive relationship, you can empower your child to cope with life’s challenges in a healthy way and build resilience for the future. You’ve got this!


Dr. Marnee